TDO produces quality Deer Feeders, Deer Blinds, Hog Traps and more.

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Durable Hand crafted metal and wood work designed for beginner hunters and expert outdoorsman .


 Our exclusive designs are made to deliver feed to target animals, while reducing waste to varmints and weather. 

Blinds & Bases

Our sturdy frames and towers are constructed by your choice of angle iron, square tubing, or wood and can include handrails for safety. 


 TDO uses 6 gauge hog panels throughout. All material is MIG welded and prime coated. 

BBQ Pits

 Shop TDO for a large selection of BBQ Pits. 

Truck Racks

Rely on the strength and durability of a hunting rack from TDO to securely handle your hunters onboard. 

Game Hangers

 It's built with durable steel construction and offers durability that you can count on. 

Water Harvesting Units

 Many farms and ranches are now using water harvesting systems for wildgame management as well as personal use. There is no need to pay to use and waste city water, or low well level supplies when you can instead take advantage of your own system. Let TDO help find the right unit that works for your ranch or farm. 


We Build it Like They Use to...


Our durable hand crafted metal and wood work is designed for in field use from beginner hunters to expert outdoorsman at an affordable price.

We offer a line of field tested craftsmanship that can stand up to the toughest weather and can be past onto the next generation.


"Having purchased the quality products from Texas Drop Tine, has been one of my best decisions. Their products are going to last."


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Mastering the Basics


The secret to a sound MIG weld is found by combining several mechanical techniques into one fluid welding motion. Welding is mastered through practice and technique. Trial and error is the way we all learn, but you have to understand the basics first. 

Investment in Time


 Excessive heat or too slow of a travel speed can cause the area to enlarge. On thin materials, heat is a bad thing that leads to warping. To help maintain the amount of heat, we weld in small segments and allow for cooling between welds. 

Attention to Detail


 Our focus here at TDO is quality over quantity.
We pay great attention to detail and never have too slow of a travel speed, always making sure that our weld bead is no wider than the thinnest part of our base metal. 


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